About Me

Thank you for visiting this page and for your interest in me.

I’m a venezuelan designer / front-end developer who enjoys creating digital products and services.

Venezuela Stickers came to live thanks to my love for my profession, the desire to share my work with family and friends and as in other projects as TinyGenius the dream of make a living creating and sharing digital products that will improve in some way the lives of those who surround me, in this case, to try to make you smile, make you remember something nice about your childhood or good times with family and friends, I think if I get any of these things I will have reached my goal.

This project begins with an app to share images of Venezuelan food & products in the iPhone messaging program, it is actually a seed that I hope to grow as much as possible.

Take a look at the app store looking for “Venezuelan Food Stickers”.

If you decide to purchase the application you’ll be helping me to keep improving and developing this and other products, you’ll be promoting Venezuelan gastronomy and products and helping to feed two little angels and my beautiful wife, I will be eternally grateful!

Your comments are welcome, please send a message from the contact page or from Facebook.